Option Trading Strategies

By | December 5, 2020

Options Strategies is the completely free app in all countries. Future and option trading is very difficult task. This app gives you knowledge of Futures and Option. This gives you Education with Examples to learn trading Strategies in F&O for intraday trading (day trading) or positional trading.

Options trading for beginners are a very challenging. And to find Option selling strategies is quite more difficult when option volatility and pricing action is hard to calculate. By this Financial Educational APP you can plus your Option Skills and be an expert option trader.

App Feachers

option trading strategies
option trading strategies
  1. Knowledge about Option for Directional trading, volatility, hedging, arbitrage, and swing trading.
  2. Option Greeks and how it affects price of Options.
  3. Option Premium and effect of Expiry (weekly, monthly) on premium price action.
  4. Also All Option Strategies

What Should You Konw about Options?

You only need to know a handful of strategies but you need to know them really well. Once you know these strategies all you need to do is analyze the current state of markets (or the stock) and map it with the right option strategy from your strategy quiver.

Get APP on Google Play
Get APP on Google Play

Bullish Strategies:

  1. Long call (Buy Call),
  2. Short Put (Sell Put), Option writing
  3. Bull call spread (Covered call)
  4. Bull Put Spread (Option spread)

Bearish Strategies:

  1. Long put (Buy Put)
  2. Short Call (Sell Call), Selling options
  3. Bear Put Spread (Protective put)
  4. Bear Call Spread (backspread)

Range Bound Option Trading Strategies:

  1. Short strangle option Strategy
  2. Short butterfly option strategy
  3. Short iron condor strategy
  4. Short Straddle option Strategy

Big Move (Volatile Market Option) Strategies:

  1. Long strangle option Strategy
  2. Long butterfly option strategy
  3. Long iron condor strategy
  4. Long Straddle option Strategy

Also The Special Strategies like Calendar Spreads to avoid Margin and voitality.

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