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By | July 17, 2019

A microwave integrated circuit (MIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) designed for operation at frequencies of approximately 1 gigahertz (GHz) or more. Such components are physically small, in some cases having less than one square millimeter (1 mm2) of surface area.

An MIC can contain an entire electronic device on a single semiconductor wafer. Get latest Microwave Integrated circuit PDF below

1. Micro strip Lines: 

Planar wave guides, non- TEM propagation, line impedance definitions, quasi-static approximations, quasi-static line parameters, micro strip open circuits and gaps, micro strip corners, step changes in width, dispersion analysis, micro strip characteristic impedance, symmetric T junction, full wave analysis of micro strip propagation, LSE and LSM potentials, spectral domain analysis, dispersion relation for open micro strip, spectral domain impedance analysis, dispersion relation for open micro strip, spectral domain impedance analysis, Green’s functions, millimeter wave modeling of micro strip lines.

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2. Coupled Line Propagation:

Wave equations for coupled lines, propagation models, coupled line parameters, coupled line parameter variations with frequency, directional couplings, Lange coupler coupled line pair treated as a four port, coupled line pair operated as a two port assuming Oe = 0o, low pass filtel design assuming Oe =0o, coupled line pair analyzed to a two port Oe not equal to 0o, narrow band filter using coupled resonator, narrow band coupled line filters, suspended substrate strip lined filters, suspended substrate strip line filter design using method 1 and method 2.

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