Dry Sheet : Give a Dry and Comfortable sleep to your child

By | November 11, 2020
https://amzn.to/36p9CfRDry Sheet for Babies

Are you looking for a mattress protector that give your child a comfortable sleep you are at a right place “Dry Sheet”.

Now the parents do not have to worry about worrying and care about their newborn babies and children and their toiletries

It has been observed that diaper infection for small children often causes illness. Child’s stool, urine affects their health.

Here we found a solution to this problem and created a dry sheet for children 0-5 years which is convenient and waterproof as safe.

What is Dry Sheet

It is the quick dry sheet for baby. It protect your bed mattress to be wet.use it for your babies.

This sheet absorbs the liquid very well and can hold it for one night. You can wash it multiple times

It protects against dust mites, bacteria & allergens.Dry sheet is ideal as a play or changing mat for babies, toilet-training toddlers.

It is use full for pregnant and new moms apart from adults/bed ridden patients with urinary incontinence.

How to use Dry Sheet

Spread this in the place where your kid sleeps. Advantage of this is, it simply passes the water to the quick dry sheet and keep you kid’s sleeping area completely dries.

After use make sure to wash it.

Whatch Video for More Details.

Can I wash it?

How to Use Dry Sheet

Yes, You can use it for multiple times by washing them. it is recommended that you have to avoid machine wash. use only hand wash methods.

What is the material used in baby bad protector Dry Sheet?

It uses multi layer product that comes with a waterproof breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy top surface.

This surface prevents water from percolating further while allowing moisture to pass through the entire fabric.

It giving a soothing effect to the baby’s skin.

The bed protector sheet facilitates faster drying with the help of the underlying membrane that promotes the removal of water vapor.

The lightweight and durable sheet is hygienic and comes with a capacity to hold up to 8 times its weight of water.

What are the size of quick dry sheet for babies?

It comes with variable sizes:

Small : 70 * 50 cm

Medium: 100 * 70 cm

Large: 140*100 cm

Extra large :200*140 cm

King size : 200*280 cm

Key Fetchers :

  • Dries faster
  • Light weight
  • Durable and breathable
  • No or Minimal Rashes
  • Highly hygienic
  • Diaper free nights
  • No feeling of heat
  • Cozy, Smooth & Silky feeling
  • Un-interrupted sleep
  • Hold 8 times its weight of water

It is the alternative of diapers?

No, It is one type of bad mattress protector .

It protect bed but it is not a alternative of diapers.

It is the mattress waterproofing or Waterproof Bed Protector

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